camels talkingMany people in parishes are interested in getting more involved but do not know where to start. Here we offer you a variety of both ideas about what ‘getting involved’ might mean and practical suggestions for building up the life of your parish.

So, there are downloads that explore ideas about dialogue, spirituality and other aspects of theology. (What is Dialogue)


there are downloads that offer practical advice and background about doing all kinds of things in your parish setting. (The Practice)

A lot of these resources were developed by Frank Mc.Dermott who works in Doncaster.  We can all learn from what others have already done. Try a couple of them. Imagine your parish name on the front of the sample documents, instead of a church in Doncaster. Might it work in  your parish? – If not, perhaps it will give you ideas to start developing something that will work in your setting.

If you like them then please consider buying a memory stick with the full set. These are available from Frank at a cost of £3. Simply email





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