ACTA Nationally

During 2013, an Interim Constitution for the national movement was approved. The key principles are that the structure should be as simple and non-hierarchical as possible and Diocesan Groups should proceed at their own pace and develop their own structures.

The Diocesan Groups are based in the 22 Dioceses of England & Wales.  Their main task is:-

  • To promote ACTA across their of dioceses in England and Wales
  • To increase support from clergy, religious and lay people.
  • To identify, pursue and develop local opportunities and structures for dialogue at parish, deanery and diocesan levels.
  • To elect delegates to a National Delegate Council.

The role of the National Delegate Council (NDC) is:

  • To formulate policy on common issues.
  • To decide on national initiatives.
  • To support and facilitate the work of the Diocesan Groups.

The Leadership Team are responsible to the NDC for:

  • providing collective leadership and direction.
  • representing the movement nationally.

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